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A Name! - Garmonbozia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A Name! [Jul. 31st, 2016|07:55 pm]
[music |Shimmer - The Sound]

Okay, so it seems that most of my adult life has been one long existential crisis. What I should do is embrace absurdism, stop stressing about finding meaning. Was bedeutet es? Nichts! Es bedeutet nichts! So fretting is irrelevant. The only rules that exist are the pretend blueprints we've imposed on ourselves as a society.

It's going to be difficult to give up meaning. Now I know how religious people feel.

... then again. The alphabet is made up and means nothing really. But letters are building blocks we use to create stories, express ourselves. I'm not sure life would be as interesting without this. So, we must engage? Chasing the horizon, usually without realising that the chase is the living. So - experiences and how I feel about them, that is what I should concern myself with? Without trying to solve everything. Camus did advocate the conflicting acts of realising the pointlessness yet not giving up. A Schrödingeresque existence. We are and we are not. We are a collection of dynamic memories and feelings in a constantly changing flesh container. I sound like philosophy 101, but these things make the most sense... in that they don't.

[pointless rambling redeacted]

[User Picture]From: rock_dinosaur
2016-08-01 09:36 pm (UTC)
You're making what ought to be a simple and straightforward issue seem complicated and impenetrable!

Shouldn't 'meaning' be whatever it is you enjoy, derive satisfaction from and are passionate about? Of course, I know it's not that straightforward. It takes intense commitment and single-mindedness to do what you really want to do, regardless of what others think you should be doing. I'm quite clear about what I'm here to do and always have been since I was about ten, but that hasn't made it any easier for me to actually do it. Even at the age of 52, my mother is still telling me to 'forget your silly dreams'. Ughhh!!!
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